The Colorado Mentors Program provides training for the mental and physical aspects of becoming a Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle. The program begins with 3 months of work to help the apprentice identify their personal values as well as what they want and need from their relationships. It includes developing a clear personal mission statement to guide the apprentice in creating a set of rules to support the apprentice becoming dominant over themselves before considering dominating others.

The first three months consist of all day Boot Camp meetings, which include presentations, activities, and discussions. Homework that involves reading and writing is assigned each week for completion by the end of that week. The third Boot Camp certifies the apprentices for First Aid and CPR. The apprentice will be expected to pay for fees associated with certification.

One on one Mentoring sessions start in April and occur every month, except August, through November. They are designed to let the apprentice develop a deeper understanding of a variety of topics from physical skillsets to mental mindsets and knowledge of the larger scene. Mentors are local people in the community who have demonstrated proficiency in the topic(s) they teach and are interested in sharing their knowledge with others. The one on one sessions involve a minimum of 4 hours during that month and are scheduled between the mentor and the apprentice. Mentors may assign some additional reading material and/or require that apprentices provide a few supplies for their meeting. Please note, that this program, including the mentoring sessions, are not designed to teach “the one true way”. Rather, their purpose is to expose each apprentice to a different take on the lifestyle.

The third component of this program is throughout the year, there will be five weekend intensive scheduled for the whole class. These focus on some specific skill sets and aspects of our community, which we believe everyone in our community should have some familiarity.

A single Mentoring program can often cover a large geographic area. Apprentices need to be prepared to travel some around the Front Range to attend the Boot Camps, Intensive Weekends and the various mentoring meetings for the program.

The program itself is free of charge. All the people who run it and teach the classes do so at no charge. But the program does have expenses. There is an initial fee that is designed to cover the startup costs each year. These costs include printing and leasing the space to hold the meetings for the first few months.

Additional funds must be raised to cover the rental of the meeting space for the rest of the year and any other incidental costs. The apprentices are expected to cover these costs. Fundraisers are highly encouraged and guidance will be provided to those apprentices who do this. The methods used can vary by program, but they typically involve a fundraiser, often in conjunction with the local submissive program. Examples are the sale of kinky toys to raffling off a piece of kinky furniture. One of the most successful fundraisers has been a party planned by the apprentices. Details about how to proceed with these fundraising events will be provided at the end of the 3rd Boot Camp.

This year long program is a serious commitment of time and energy. The Boot Camps and Intensive Weekends do not lend themselves to make-up sessions, as they involve group work and thought provoking discussions. As such, any apprentice missing these meetings can expect to be dropped from the program. For those that have stuck it out for the entire year and met the program’s expectations, we are often told how much it was worth it to them to stay and what valuable lessons they are moving forward with in their lives. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Administrators.